Commit 69a00cba authored by Thomas Hartmann's avatar Thomas Hartmann
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QmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: extend lookup rules for extensions

If specifics for pane .qml files are located inside the plugin
in the designer sudirectory, we still required the path to be fully
e.g. myComponnents/designer/myComponent/MySpecifics.qml

This is unconvinient and also a behaivour change for pure directory imports.
Pure directory imports were not fully qualified until recently.

With this patch we also allow:

Change-Id: I9a61016f425caf5d7d15140554c72f4a69a6687a
Reviewed-by: default avatarMarco Bubke <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarEike Ziller <>
parent a8a49c98
......@@ -1096,15 +1096,21 @@ QString PropertyEditor::locateQmlFile(const NodeMetaInfo &info, const QString &r
const QString relativePathWithVersion = relativePathWithoutEnding + versionString + QLatin1String(".qml");
//Check for qml files with versions first
const QString withoutDirWithVersion = relativePathWithVersion.split(QLatin1String("/")).last();
if (importDir.exists(relativePathWithVersion))
return importDir.absoluteFilePath(relativePathWithVersion);
if (importDir.exists(withoutDirWithVersion)) //Since we are in a subfolder of the import we do not require the directory
return importDir.absoluteFilePath(withoutDirWithVersion);
if (fileSystemDir.exists(relativePathWithVersion))
return fileSystemDir.absoluteFilePath(relativePathWithVersion);
if (resourcesDir.exists(relativePathWithVersion))
return resourcesDir.absoluteFilePath(relativePathWithVersion);
const QString withoutDir = relativePath.split(QLatin1String("/")).last();
if (importDir.exists(relativePath))
return importDir.absoluteFilePath(relativePath);
if (importDir.exists(withoutDir)) //Since we are in a subfolder of the import we do not require the directory
return importDir.absoluteFilePath(withoutDir);
if (fileSystemDir.exists(relativePath))
return fileSystemDir.absoluteFilePath(relativePath);
if (resourcesDir.exists(relativePath))
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