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the death of GdbCommandType & co.

instead of passing callback codes and dispatching them in a huge switch
statement, pass around member function pointers as real callbacks.
some codes which did not actually invoke a callback were completely
eliminated. hope this doesn't impair debugging. ;)
as a "side effect", command categorization by code is gone - there is a
proper flag field for that now.
as a real side effect, some suppressed assert failures might be back
now. fix them properly if they do ...
parent 58c88eea
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......@@ -63,16 +63,6 @@ class GdbMi;
class WatchData;
class BreakpointData;
struct GdbCookie
GdbCookie() : type(0), synchronized(false) {}
QString command;
int type;
bool synchronized;
QVariant cookie;
enum DebuggingHelperState
......@@ -154,19 +144,47 @@ private:
void handleResult(const GdbResultRecord &, int type, const QVariant &);
public: // otherwise the Qt flag macros are unhappy
enum GdbCommandFlag {
NoFlags = 0,
NeedsStop = 1,
Discardable = 2,
RebuildModel = 4,
WatchUpdate = Discardable|RebuildModel
Q_DECLARE_FLAGS(GdbCommandFlags, GdbCommandFlag)
typedef void (GdbEngine::*GdbCommandCallback)(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &cookie);
struct GdbCommand
GdbCommand() : flags(0), callback(0), callbackName(0) {}
int flags;
GdbCommandCallback callback;
const char *callbackName;
QString command;
QVariant cookie;
// type and cookie are sender-internal data, opaque for the "event
// queue". resultNeeded == true increments m_pendingResults on
// send and decrements on receipt, effectively preventing
// watch model updates before everything is finished.
enum StopNeeded { DoesNotNeedStop, NeedsStop };
enum Synchronization { NotSynchronized, Synchronized };
void sendCommand(const QString &command,
int type = 0, const QVariant &cookie = QVariant(),
StopNeeded needStop = DoesNotNeedStop,
Synchronization synchronized = NotSynchronized);
void sendSynchronizedCommand(const QString & command,
int type = 0, const QVariant &cookie = QVariant(),
StopNeeded needStop = DoesNotNeedStop);
void flushCommand(GdbCommand &cmd);
void execCommandInternal(const QString &command, GdbCommandFlags flags,
GdbCommandCallback callback, const char *callbackName,
const QVariant &cookie);
#define execCommand(command,callback) \
execCommandInternal(command, NoFlags, &GdbEngine::callback, STRINGIFY(callback), QVariant())
#define execCommandF(command,callback,flags) \
execCommandInternal(command, flags, &GdbEngine::callback, STRINGIFY(callback), QVariant())
#define execCommandC(command,callback,cookie) \
execCommandInternal(command, NoFlags, &GdbEngine::callback, STRINGIFY(callback), cookie)
#define execCommandFC(command,callback,flags,cookie) \
execCommandInternal(command, flags, &GdbEngine::callback, STRINGIFY(callback), cookie)
void sendCommand(const QString &command, GdbCommandFlags flags = NoFlags);
void setTokenBarrier();
......@@ -183,25 +201,27 @@ private slots:
int terminationIndex(const QByteArray &buffer, int &length);
void handleResponse(const QByteArray &buff);
void handleStart(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleAttach();
void handleStubAttached();
void handleStart(const GdbResultRecord &response, const QVariant &);
void handleAttach(const GdbResultRecord &, const QVariant &);
void handleStubAttached(const GdbResultRecord &, const QVariant &);
void handleAqcuiredInferior();
void handleAsyncOutput2(const GdbResultRecord &, const QVariant &cookie);
void handleAsyncOutput2(const GdbMi &data);
void handleAsyncOutput(const GdbMi &data);
void handleResultRecord(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleFileExecAndSymbols(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleExecRun(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleExecJumpToLine(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleExecRunToFunction(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleInfoShared(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleInfoProc(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleInfoThreads(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleShowVersion(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleQueryPwd(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleQuerySources(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleTargetCore(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleExit(const GdbResultRecord &response);
void handleAutoContinue(const GdbResultRecord &, const QVariant &);
void handleFileExecAndSymbols(const GdbResultRecord &response, const QVariant &);
void handleExecRun(const GdbResultRecord &response, const QVariant &);
void handleExecJumpToLine(const GdbResultRecord &response, const QVariant &);
void handleExecRunToFunction(const GdbResultRecord &response, const QVariant &);
void handleInfoShared(const GdbResultRecord &response, const QVariant &);
void handleInfoProc(const GdbResultRecord &response, const QVariant &);
void handleInfoThreads(const GdbResultRecord &response, const QVariant &);
void handleShowVersion(const GdbResultRecord &response, const QVariant &);
void handleQueryPwd(const GdbResultRecord &response, const QVariant &);
void handleQuerySources(const GdbResultRecord &response, const QVariant &);
void handleTargetCore(const GdbResultRecord &, const QVariant &);
void handleExit(const GdbResultRecord &, const QVariant &);
void debugMessage(const QString &msg);
OutputCollector m_outputCollector;
......@@ -214,7 +234,7 @@ private:
Core::Utils::ConsoleProcess m_stubProc;
QHash<int, GdbCookie> m_cookieForToken;
QHash<int, GdbCommand> m_cookieForToken;
QHash<int, QByteArray> m_customOutputForToken;
QByteArray m_pendingConsoleStreamOutput;
......@@ -237,13 +257,13 @@ private:
// Breakpoint specific stuff
void handleBreakList(const GdbResultRecord &record);
void handleBreakList(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &);
void handleBreakList(const GdbMi &table);
void handleBreakIgnore(const GdbResultRecord &record, int index);
void handleBreakInsert(const GdbResultRecord &record, int index);
void handleBreakInsert1(const GdbResultRecord &record, int index);
void handleBreakCondition(const GdbResultRecord &record, int index);
void handleBreakInfo(const GdbResultRecord &record, int index);
void handleBreakIgnore(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &cookie);
void handleBreakInsert(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &cookie);
void handleBreakInsert1(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &cookie);
void handleBreakCondition(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &cookie);
void handleBreakInfo(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &cookie);
void extractDataFromInfoBreak(const QString &output, BreakpointData *data);
void breakpointDataFromOutput(BreakpointData *data, const GdbMi &bkpt);
void sendInsertBreakpoint(int index);
......@@ -253,7 +273,7 @@ private:
// Disassembler specific stuff
void handleDisassemblerList(const GdbResultRecord &record,
const QString &cookie);
const QVariant &cookie);
void reloadDisassembler();
QString m_address;
......@@ -262,15 +282,15 @@ private:
// Modules specific stuff
void reloadModules();
void handleModulesList(const GdbResultRecord &record);
void handleModulesList(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &);
// Register specific stuff
Q_SLOT void reloadRegisters();
void handleRegisterListNames(const GdbResultRecord &record);
void handleRegisterListValues(const GdbResultRecord &record);
void handleRegisterListNames(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &);
void handleRegisterListValues(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &);
// Source file specific stuff
......@@ -280,9 +300,9 @@ private:
// Stack specific stuff
void handleStackListFrames(const GdbResultRecord &record, bool isFull);
void handleStackSelectThread(const GdbResultRecord &record, int cookie);
void handleStackListThreads(const GdbResultRecord &record, int cookie);
void handleStackListFrames(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &cookie);
void handleStackSelectThread(const GdbResultRecord &, const QVariant &);
void handleStackListThreads(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &cookie);
Q_SLOT void reloadStack();
Q_SLOT void reloadFullStack();
......@@ -316,25 +336,25 @@ private:
bool hasDebuggingHelperForType(const QString &type) const;
void handleVarListChildren(const GdbResultRecord &record,
const WatchData &cookie);
const QVariant &cookie);
void handleVarCreate(const GdbResultRecord &record,
const WatchData &cookie);
void handleVarAssign();
const QVariant &cookie);
void handleVarAssign(const GdbResultRecord &, const QVariant &);
void handleEvaluateExpression(const GdbResultRecord &record,
const WatchData &cookie);
const QVariant &cookie);
void handleToolTip(const GdbResultRecord &record,
const QByteArray &cookie);
void handleQueryDebuggingHelper(const GdbResultRecord &record);
const QVariant &cookie);
void handleQueryDebuggingHelper(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &);
void handleDebuggingHelperValue1(const GdbResultRecord &record,
const WatchData &cookie);
const QVariant &cookie);
void handleDebuggingHelperValue2(const GdbResultRecord &record,
const WatchData &cookie);
const QVariant &cookie);
void handleDebuggingHelperValue3(const GdbResultRecord &record,
const WatchData &cookie);
const QVariant &cookie);
void handleDebuggingHelperEditValue(const GdbResultRecord &record);
void handleDebuggingHelperSetup(const GdbResultRecord &record);
void handleStackListLocals(const GdbResultRecord &record);
void handleStackListArguments(const GdbResultRecord &record);
void handleDebuggingHelperSetup(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &);
void handleStackListLocals(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &);
void handleStackListArguments(const GdbResultRecord &record, const QVariant &);
void handleVarListChildrenHelper(const GdbMi &child,
const WatchData &parent);
void setWatchDataType(WatchData &data, const GdbMi &mi);
......@@ -354,7 +374,7 @@ private:
bool m_waitingForFirstBreakpointToBeHit;
bool m_modulesListOutdated;
QList<GdbCookie> m_commandsToRunOnTemporaryBreak;
QList<GdbCommand> m_commandsToRunOnTemporaryBreak;
DebuggerManager *q;
IDebuggerManagerAccessForEngines *qq;
......@@ -363,4 +383,6 @@ private:
} // namespace Internal
} // namespace Debugger
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