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Adjust documentation for QMLPROJECT

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......@@ -59,12 +59,15 @@
that imports the Qt Canvas 3D module and, optionally, includes
\li \uicontrol {Qt Quick 2 UI} (in the \uicontrol {Other Project}
\li \uicontrol {Qt Quick UI Prototype} (in the \uicontrol {Other Project}
category) creates a \l{Creating Qt Quick UI Projects}
{Qt Quick UI project} with a single QML file that
contains the main view. You can review Qt Quick 2 UI projects in the
\l{Previewing QML Files}{QML Scene preview tool}. You do not need to
build them, because they do not contain any C++ code.
Use this only if you are prototyping. You cannot create a full application
with this.
Qt Quick UI projects cannot be deployed to embedded or mobile
target platforms. For those platforms, create a Qt Quick application
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