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If \c fileName is not empty, again, we use a QFile object, \c file, and
attempt to open it in \l{QIODevice::}{ReadOnly} mode. Similar to our
implementation of \c saveToFile(), if this attempt is unsuccessful, we
display a QMessageBox to inform the user.
\snippet examples/addressbook-sdk/part6/addressbook.cpp loadFromFile part2
Otherwise, we instantiate a QDataStream object, \c in, set its version as
above and read the serialized data into hte \c contacts data structure. The
\c contacs object is emptied before data is read into it to simplify the
file reading process. A more advanced method would be to read the contacts
into a temporary QMap object, and copy over non-duplicate contacts into
\c contacts.
\snippet examples/addressbook-sdk/part6/addressbook.cpp loadFromFile part3
To display the contacts that have been read from the file, we must first
validate the data obtained to ensure that the file we read from actually
contains address book contacts. If it does, we display the first contact;
otherwise, we display a QMessageBox to inform the user about the problem.
Lastly, we update the interface to enable and disable the push buttons
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