Commit 6e2b0661 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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add a few explanations to some obscure actions

parent 10053aa6
......@@ -317,10 +317,20 @@ void DebuggerManager::init()
m_debugDumpersAction = new QAction(this);
m_debugDumpersAction->setText(tr("Debug Custom Dumpers"));
m_debugDumpersAction->setText(tr("This is an internal tool to "
"make debugging the Custom Data Dumper code easier. "
"Using this action is in general not needed unless you "
"want do debug Qt Creator itself."));
m_skipKnownFramesAction = new QAction(this);
m_skipKnownFramesAction->setText(tr("Skip Known Frames When Stepping"));
m_skipKnownFramesAction->setToolTip(tr("After checking this option"
"'Step Into' combines in certain situations several steps, "
"leading to 'less noisy' debugging. So will, e.g., the atomic "
"reference counting code be skipped, and a single 'Step Into' "
"for a signal emission will end up directly in the slot connected "
"to it"));
m_useCustomDumpersAction = new QAction(this);
......@@ -330,13 +340,6 @@ void DebuggerManager::init()
m_useCustomDumpersAction = new QAction(this);
m_useCustomDumpersAction->setText(tr("Use Custom Display for Qt Objects"));
m_useCustomDumpersAction->setToolTip(tr("Checking this will make the debugger "
"try to use code to format certain data (QObject, QString, ...) nicely. "));
m_useFastStartAction = new QAction(this);
m_useFastStartAction->setText(tr("Fast Debugger Start"));
m_useFastStartAction->setToolTip(tr("Checking this will make the debugger "
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