Commit 702b3f17 authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger
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Squish: Fix test for Linux/Mac

Because of a different naming of the Qt versions on Linux/Mac
this test always runs without starting a build on these OS's.

Change-Id: I93d89576ee6f56d7de9aee70aa79ea58a4239c5f
Reviewed-by: default avatarBill King <>
parent 8cf0d1c6
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ def main():
buildCombo = waitForObject(":Build:_QComboBox")
sendEvent("QMouseEvent", waitForObject(":QtCreator.MenuBar_ProjectExplorer::Internal::MiniProjectTargetSelector"), QEvent.MouseButtonPress, -5, 5, Qt.LeftButton, 0)
prog = re.compile("Qt.*Release")
prog = re.compile("(Desktop )?Qt.*Release")
for row in range(buildCombo.count):
if prog.match(str(buildCombo.itemText(row))):
clickButton(waitForObject(":*Qt Creator_Core::Internal::FancyToolButton"))
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