Commit 7186456f authored by Eike Ziller's avatar Eike Ziller

More 4.5 changes

Change-Id: Id75bc6dbfdfda12f2c12c70fb7a95ae7a0a3c56b
Reviewed-by: Riitta-Leena Miettinen's avatarLeena Miettinen <>
parent 0d87abee
......@@ -14,10 +14,13 @@ General
* Changed `File System` pane to tree view with top level directory selectable
from `Computer`, `Home`, `Projects`, and individual project root directories
* Fixed crash when closing Qt Creator while searching for updates
* Added shortcut for sorting selected lines
* Added `Edit` > `Advanced` > `Sort Selected Lines`, replacing `Tools` >
`External` > `Text` > `Sort Selection`
All Projects
......@@ -25,12 +28,27 @@ All Projects
* Added support for changing the maximum number of lines shown in compile output
QMake Projects
* Fixed support of wildcards in `INSTALLS` variable (QTCREATORBUG-17935)
* Fixed that `QMAKE_CFLAGS` was not passed to code model
CMake Projects
* Added groups to CMake configuration UI
* Added option to change configuration variable types
* Added option to unset configuration variable
* Improved handling of CMake configuration changes on disk (QTCREATORBUG-17555)
* Improved simplified project tree (QTCREATORBUG-19040)
* Fixed that value was removed when renaming configuration variable
* Fixed that `PATH` environment was unnecessarily modified (QTCREATORBUG-18714)
* Fixed that QML errors in application output where not linked to the source
Qbs Projects
* Fixed that custom `installRoot` was not saved (QTCREATORBUG-18895)
C++ Support
......@@ -39,6 +57,7 @@ C++ Support
* Fixed detection of macros defined by tool chain for `C`
* Fixed that `Refactoring` context menu blocked UI while checking for available
* Fixed crash when refactoring class with errors (QTCREATORBUG-19180)
* Clang Code Model
* Added sanity check to `Clang Code Model Warnings` option
......@@ -52,6 +71,7 @@ C++ Support
QML Support
* Added wizards with different starting UI layouts
* Fixed that undo history was lost when reformatting file (QTCREATORBUG-18645)
Python Support
......@@ -65,6 +85,11 @@ Debugging
* LLDB / macOS
* Added pretty printing of Core Foundation and Foundation string-like types
* Fixed attaching to running process with command line arguments
* Fixed changing values of ECMAScript strings (QTCREATORBUG-19032)
QML Profiler
......@@ -73,11 +98,25 @@ QML Profiler
Qt Quick Designer
* Added option to only show visible items in navigator
* Fixed crash in integrated code editor (QTCREATORBUG-19079)
* Fixed crash when Ctrl-clicking on newly refactored QML file
* Fixed filtering in Library view (QTCREATORBUG-19054)
* Fixed `Cmd + Left` in integrated code editor on macOS (QTCREATORBUG-19272)
* Fixed crash with `Become Last Sibling` and multiline expressions
Version Control Systems
* Added query for saving modified files before opening commit editor
* Git
* Fixed issues with localized tool output (QTCREATORBUG-19017)
Test Integration
* Fixed issue with finding test target with CMake projects (QTCREATORBUG-17882,
......@@ -98,6 +137,7 @@ Platform Specific
* Fixed detection of Visual Studio Build Tools 2017 (QTCREATORBUG-19053)
* Fixed that environment variable keys were converted to upper case in build
and run configurations (QTCREATORBUG-18915)
......@@ -111,8 +151,16 @@ Android
* Removed support for local deployment (QTBUG-62995)
* Removed support for Ant
* Added UI for managing Android SDKs (QTCREATORBUG-18978)
* Improved Android settings
* Improved checks for minimum requirements of Android tools (QTCREATORBUG-18837)
* Fixed check for minimum Xcode version (QTCREATORBUG-18091)
* Fixed switching between simulator device types with Xcode 9
Universal Windows Platform
* Fixed deployment on Windows 10 Phone emulator
......@@ -122,19 +170,24 @@ Alessandro Portale
Alexander Volkov
Andre Hartmann
André Pönitz
Benjamin Terrier
Christian Kandeler
Christian Stenger
Claus Steuer
Daniel Trevitz
David Schulz
Donald Carr
Eike Ziller
Filipe Azevedo
Friedemann Kleint
Ivan Donchevskii
Jake Petroules
Jaroslaw Kobus
Jochen Becher
Kai Köhne
Knud Dollereder
Laurent Montel
Leena Miettinen
Marco Benelli
Marco Bubke
Mitch Curtis
......@@ -145,10 +198,13 @@ Orgad Shaneh
Robert Löhning
Ryuji Kakemizu
Samuel Gaist
Sergey Belyashov
Serhii Moroz
Thiago Macieira
Thomas Hartmann
Tim Jenssen
Tobias Hunger
Ulf Hermann
Vikas Pachdha
Vikas Pachdha
Viktor Kireev
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