Commit 7376336e authored by Marco Benelli's avatar Marco Benelli

QmlJs: prevent "copy" icon in outline drag and drop

Copying items in the outline tree is not allowed, so the icon it is
not shown while dragging with the CTRL button pressed.

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-13450
Change-Id: Ibfcf954c273051ef03112d11ee6a3457530802bb
Reviewed-by: Tim Jenssen's avatarTim Jenssen <>
parent 2349a0a5
......@@ -430,6 +430,11 @@ Qt::DropActions QmlOutlineModel::supportedDragActions() const
return Qt::MoveAction | Qt::CopyAction;
Qt::DropActions QmlOutlineModel::supportedDropActions() const
return Qt::MoveAction;
Document::Ptr QmlOutlineModel::document() const
......@@ -84,6 +84,7 @@ public:
bool dropMimeData(const QMimeData *data, Qt::DropAction action, int row, int column, const QModelIndex &parent);
Qt::ItemFlags flags(const QModelIndex &index) const;
Qt::DropActions supportedDragActions() const;
Qt::DropActions supportedDropActions() const;
QmlJS::Document::Ptr document() const;
void update(const QmlJSTools::SemanticInfo &semanticInfo);
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