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Doc: using Qt Creator variables in snippets

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snippet, select \uicontrol Add. Specify a trigger and, if the trigger is
already in use, an optional variant, which appear in the list of suggestions
when you write code. Also specify a text string or C++ or QML code construct
in the snippet editor, depending on the snippet category.
in the snippet editor, depending on the snippet category. You can use
\l{Using Qt Creator Variables}{predefined variables} in snippets.
The snippet editor provides you with:
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Specify the variables for the snippets in the following format:
\c $variable$
Specify \QC variables in the following format:
For example, the following variable expands to the name of the current
project: \c {%{CurrentProject:Name}}.
Use unique variable names within a snippet, because all instances of a
variable are renamed when you specify a value for it.
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