Commit 744d78d4 authored by hjk's avatar hjk

Debugger: Change default encoding for char * to UTF-8 in display

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-16029
Change-Id: Idf14ec54a53bd71b15196aedc7fc5e40b7bb6b5d
Reviewed-by: default avatarRobert Loehning <>
parent e56e6b0c
......@@ -1045,10 +1045,10 @@ class DumperBase:
def tryPutSimpleFormattedPointer(self, value, typeName, innerTypeName, displayFormat, limit):
if displayFormat == AutomaticFormat:
if innerTypeName == "char":
# Use Latin1 as default for char *.
# Use UTF-8 as default for char *.
(elided, data) = self.encodeCArray(value, 1, limit)
self.putValue(data, "latin1", elided=elided)
self.putValue(data, "utf8", elided=elided)
return True
if innerTypeName == "wchar_t":
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