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Doc: adding tool chains

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\o \l{}
{S60 Platform SDK 3rd Edition FP1 or higher}.
\o Either the GCCE ARM Toolchain that is included in the Symbian
SDKs, or RVCT 2.2 [build 686] or later (which is not available free
of charge)(Your environment needs to find the compiler in the PATH).
SDKs, or RVCT 2.2 [build 686] or later (which requires a license).
\o Qt for Symbian 4.6.2 or later, installed into the Symbian SDKs you want
to use.
......@@ -252,21 +251,11 @@
is made in the Qt version management settings in \gui{Tools} >
\gui{Options...} > \gui{Qt4} > \gui{Qt Versions}.
\note If you manually add a Qt version for Symbian, you must
If you manually add a Qt version for Symbian, you must
also manually specify the Symbian SDK to use for this version.
\image qtcreator-qt4-qtversions-win-symbian.png
If you want to run your applications in the Symbian emulator, you need to
point Qt Creator to the Metrowerks Compiler that you want to use, by
setting the \gui{Carbide directory} of the Qt version to the corresponding
Carbide.c++ installation directory.
You can check which Symbian SDKs and corresponding Qt versions are found in the
\gui{Tools} > \gui{Options...} > \gui{Qt4} > \gui{S60 SDKs} preference
\image qtcreator-qt4-s60sdks.png
For more information about adding Qt versions and tool chains, see
\l{Setting Up Qt for Symbian Versions} and \l{Adding Tool Chains}.
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