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Doc: managing chunks in the diff editor

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......@@ -51,6 +51,10 @@
indicates lines that contain added text (painted a darker green) in the
right pane.
To revert the changes, right-click added text and then select
\uicontrol {Revert Chunk} in the context menu. To apply the changes, select
removed text and then select \uicontrol {Apply Chunk}.
To view the differences in a unified view where changed rows are placed
below each other, select
\inlineimage qtcreator-switchto-unified-diffeditor.png
......@@ -99,4 +103,8 @@
If the files change outside \QC, select
\inlineimage qtcreator-regenerate-index.png
(\uicontrol {Reload Editor}) to compare them again and to show the results.
To send a chunk of changes to a \l{Pasting and Fetching Code Snippets}
{code pasting service}, select \uicontrol {Send Chunk to CodePaster} in the
context menu.
......@@ -1029,6 +1029,9 @@
To paste any content that you copied to the clipboard, select \uicontrol Tools >
\uicontrol {Code Pasting} > \uicontrol {Paste Snippet}.
To paste content from the \l{Comparing Files}{diff editor}, right-click a
chunk and select \uicontrol {Send Chunk to CodePaster} in the context menu.
To fetch a snippet of code from the server, select \uicontrol{Tools} >
\uicontrol{Code Pasting} > \uicontrol{Fetch Snippet} or press \key{Alt+C,Alt+F}. Select
the snippet to fetch from the list.
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