Commit 79191a76 authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint
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Perforce: Silence the startup

parent 0821f6fa
......@@ -600,7 +600,6 @@ void PerforcePlugin::startSubmitProject()
QStringList fstatLines = fstatResult.stdOut.split(QLatin1Char('\n'));
qDebug() << "O" << fstatResult.stdOut << "L" << fstatLines;
QStringList depotFileNames;
foreach (const QString &line, fstatLines) {
if (line.startsWith("... depotFile"))
......@@ -1335,7 +1334,7 @@ void PerforcePlugin::slotTopLevelFound(const QString &t)
void PerforcePlugin::slotTopLevelFailed(const QString &errorMessage)
VCSBase::VCSBaseOutputWindow::instance()->appendError(tr("Perforce: Unable to determine the repository: %1").arg(errorMessage));
VCSBase::VCSBaseOutputWindow::instance()->appendSilently(tr("Perforce: Unable to determine the repository: %1").arg(errorMessage));
if (Perforce::Constants::debug)
qDebug() << errorMessage;
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