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Doc: sidebar view context menus

Update the screenshot, because the icons have changed.

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......@@ -165,6 +165,9 @@
The additional options in each view are described in the following
In some views, right-clicking opens a context menu that contains functions
for managing the objects listed in the view.
\section2 Viewing Project Files
The sidebar displays projects in a project tree. The project tree contains
......@@ -211,6 +214,30 @@
the .pro file. This way they also become known to \QC, so that they are
visible in the \uicontrol Projects view and are known to the locator and search.
The \uicontrol Projects view contains context menus for managing projects,
subprojects, folders, and files. The following functions are available for
managing projects and subprojects:
\li Set a project as the active project.
\li Execute the \uicontrol Build menu commands.
\li Add subprojects, libraries, directories, and files.
\li Remove subprojects.
\li Search from the selected directory.
\li Close projects.
For managing files and directories, the same functions are available as in
the \uicontrol {File System} view. In addition, you can remove and rename
\section2 Viewing the File System
If you cannot see a file in the \uicontrol Projects view, switch to the
......@@ -221,6 +248,21 @@
To keep the position in the tree synchronized with the file
opened in the editor, select \uicontrol {Synchronize with Editor}.
Use the context menu functions to:
\li Open files with the default editor or some other editor.
\li Show the file or directory in the file explorer.
\li Open a terminal window in the selected directory or in the directory
that contains the file.
\li Search from the selected directory.
\section2 Viewing the Class Hierarchy
The \uicontrol {Class View} shows the class hierarchy of the currently
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