Commit 7985b518 authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger

Valgrind: Avoid soft assert when no project is opened

Change-Id: I3ff8a3dbc3b6115824477e307c03d9a2c0d19285
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 102135a7
......@@ -399,9 +399,8 @@ void CallgrindToolPrivate::updateCostFormat()
void CallgrindToolPrivate::handleFilterProjectCosts()
Project *pro = ProjectTree::currentProject();
QTC_ASSERT(pro, return);
if (m_filterProjectCosts->isChecked()) {
if (pro && m_filterProjectCosts->isChecked()) {
const QString projectDir = pro->projectDirectory().toString();
} else {
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