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Doc: the script console is now an output pane

Fix some remaining occurences and screenshots.

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......@@ -83,8 +83,8 @@
\image qtquick-example-setting-breakpoint3.png
\li To execute JavaScript commands in the current context, select the
\gui {Console} tab.
\li To execute JavaScript commands in the current context, open the
\gui {QML/JS Console} output pane.
\li To change the score to 1000, enter \c{gameCanvas.score = 1000}
in the console.
......@@ -108,14 +108,14 @@
\inlineimage qml-inspector-select-button.png
(\gui Select) to activate selection mode and then click the
\gui {Quit} button to move into the \gui ButtonLabel component
in the \gui {Console} and the code editor.
\image qtquick-example-property-values.png
in the \gui {QML/JS Console} and the code editor.
\li In the \gui {Locals and Expressions} view, double-click the value of
the \c text property to change it temporarily from \gui {Quit} to
\gui {End Game}.
\image qtquick-example-property-values.png
When you select an element, the cursor moves to it in the code
editor, where you can change the value permanently.
......@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@
\inlineimage qml-observer-bar-reload.png "Apply Changes on Save button"
(\gui {Apply Changes on Save}) button on the toolbar.
When you change property values in the \gui {Console} or in the
When you change property values in the \gui {QML/JS Console} or in the
\gui {Locals and Expressions} view, they are immediately updated in the running
application, but not in the source code.
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