Commit 7ab3981b authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: fix wrong access to the disassembler agent in the non-mixed case

parent eb422394
......@@ -4131,12 +4131,12 @@ void GdbEngine::handleFetchDisassemblerByAddress0(const GdbResultRecord &record,
const QVariant &cookie)
bool ok = true;
DisassemblerViewAgent *agent = (DisassemblerViewAgent *)cookie.toULongLong(&ok);
QTC_ASSERT(agent, return);
DisassemblerAgentCookie ac = cookie.value<DisassemblerAgentCookie>();
QTC_ASSERT(ac.agent, return);
if (record.resultClass == GdbResultDone) {
GdbMi lines ="asm_insns");
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