Commit 7b3b3ada authored by Thomas Hartmann's avatar Thomas Hartmann

Tests.QmlDesigner: fix testModelBasicOperations

We have to respect the meta info. So we create a Flipable.

Change-Id: I427cce93e1cb6fea7ac1c70b0c1020234af3494d
Reviewed-by: default avatarMarco Bubke <>
parent 8a6c2a60
......@@ -1312,8 +1312,7 @@ void tst_TestCore::testBasicStates()
void tst_TestCore::testModelBasicOperations()
QSKIP("Fix MetaInfo", SkipAll);
QScopedPointer<Model> model(createModel("QtQuick.Item"));
QScopedPointer<Model> model(createModel("QtQuick.Flipable"));
QScopedPointer<TestView> view(new TestView(;
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