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Update changes-2.4.0

Add all the people that contributed MRs to 2.4!

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......@@ -100,6 +100,19 @@ Qt Designer
Version control plugins
* SVN: Support for SVN version 1.7
* Git: New option to toggle decoration settings for log and show commands
Additional credits go to:
* Benito van der Zander (code model)
* Christoph Mathys (debugger)
* Hugues Delorme (version control refactoring, bazaar)
* Jonathan Liu (SVN 1.7 support)
* Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos (quick fixes)
* Orgad Shaneh (git, debugger, other places)
* Peter Kuemmel (bug fixes)
* Thorbjørn Lindeijer (code model)
* Vlad Brovko (improve symlink support)
* Yuchen Deng (bug fixes, project wizards)
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