Commit 7c829447 authored by mae's avatar mae
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Fix qml autocompletion on Enter

Only insert necessary newlines

Reviewed-by: thorbjorn
Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-1476
parent a45bfdc4
......@@ -1225,9 +1225,33 @@ QString QmlJSTextEditor::insertMatchingBrace(const QTextCursor &tc, const QStrin
return QString();
QString QmlJSTextEditor::insertParagraphSeparator(const QTextCursor &) const
static bool shouldInsertNewline(const QTextCursor &tc)
return QLatin1String("}\n");
QTextDocument *doc = tc.document();
int pos = tc.selectionEnd();
// count the number of empty lines.
int newlines = 0;
for (int e = doc->characterCount(); pos != e; ++pos) {
const QChar ch = doc->characterAt(pos);
if (! ch.isSpace())
else if (ch == QChar::ParagraphSeparator)
if (newlines <= 1 && doc->characterAt(pos) != QLatin1Char('}'))
return true;
return false;
QString QmlJSTextEditor::insertParagraphSeparator(const QTextCursor &tc) const
if (shouldInsertNewline(tc))
return QLatin1String("}\n");
return QLatin1String("}");
void QmlJSTextEditor::forceSemanticRehighlight()
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