Commit 7def179a authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint
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CDB: Convert 64bit pointers correctly.

Adapt to the output format "0x0000000`0046535C".
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 2c403df6
......@@ -401,18 +401,33 @@ QString CdbSymbolGroupContext::symbolINameAt(unsigned long index) const
return m_inameIndexMap.key(index);
// check for "0x000", "0x000 class X"
// Return hexadecimal pointer value from a CDB pointer value
// which look like "0x000032a" or "0x00000000`0250124a" on 64-bit systems.
static bool inline getPointerValue(QString stringValue, quint64 *value)
*value = 0;
if (!stringValue.startsWith(QLatin1String("0x")))
return false;
stringValue.remove(0, 2);
// Remove 64bit separator
if (stringValue.size() > 8 && == QLatin1Char('`'))
stringValue.remove(8, 1);
bool ok;
*value = stringValue.toULongLong(&ok, 16);
return ok;
// check for "0x000", "0x000 class X" or its 64-bit equivalents.
static inline bool isNullPointer(const WatchData &wd)
if (!isPointerType(wd.type))
return false;
static const QRegExp hexNullPattern(QLatin1String("0x0+"));
const int blankPos = wd.value.indexOf(QLatin1Char(' '));
if (blankPos == -1)
return hexNullPattern.exactMatch(wd.value);
const QString addr = wd.value.mid(0, blankPos);
return hexNullPattern.exactMatch(addr);
QString stringValue = wd.value;
const int blankPos = stringValue.indexOf(QLatin1Char(' '));
if (blankPos != -1)
quint64 value;
return getPointerValue(stringValue, &value) && value == 0u;
// Fix a symbol group value. It is set to the class type for
......@@ -713,16 +728,11 @@ static inline bool getIntValue(CIDebugSymbolGroup *sg, int index, int *value)
// Get pointer value of symbol group ("0xAAB")
// Note that this is on "00000000`0250124a" on 64bit systems.
static inline bool getPointerValue(CIDebugSymbolGroup *sg, int index, quint64 *value)
*value = 0;
QString valueS = getSymbolString(sg, &IDebugSymbolGroup2::GetSymbolValueTextWide, index);
if (!valueS.startsWith(QLatin1String("0x")))
return false;
valueS.remove(0, 2);
bool ok;
*value = valueS.toULongLong(&ok, 16);
return ok;
const QString stringValue = getSymbolString(sg, &IDebugSymbolGroup2::GetSymbolValueTextWide, index);
return getPointerValue(stringValue, value);
int CdbSymbolGroupContext::dumpQString(CIDebugDataSpaces *ds, WatchData *wd)
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