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Doc: add docs for ISO Icon Browser

A commercial Qt Quick Designer plugin for
adding ISO 7000 icons to applications from
an icon library.

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\li \l {Creating Buttons}
\li \l {Creating Scalable Buttons and Borders}
\li \l {Creating Screens}
\li \l {Browsing ISO 7000 Icons}
\li \l {Exporting Designs from Graphics Software}
\li \l {Using QML Modules with Plugins}
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Dialogs, and Layouts (available since Qt 5.1) to create screens. You
can use states and transitions to navigate between screens.
\li \l {Browsing ISO 7000 Icons}
You can add ISO 7000 icons from a library delivered with \QC to Qt
Quick applications and change their color (commercial only).
\li \l {Exporting Designs from Graphics Software}
You can export designs from graphics software, such as Adobe
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\contentspage {Qt Creator Manual}
\previouspage qmldesigner-connections.html
\previouspage qtquick-iso-icon-browser.html
\page quick-export-to-qml.html
\nextpage creator-qml-modules-with-plugins.html
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\contentspage {Qt Creator Manual}
\previouspage quick-screens.html
\page qtquick-iso-icon-browser.html
\nextpage quick-export-to-qml.html
\title Browsing ISO 7000 Icons
You can add icons from an ISO 7000 icon library that is installed with \QC
to Qt Quick applications (commercial only). You can use the
\uicontrol {ISO Icon Browser} to add a \l {Picture} type and select the
icon to use for the type. You can change the default color of the icon.
\image qtcreator-iso-icon-browser.png
\section1 Using ISO Icons in Applications
\list 1
\li Create a new Qt Quick Application or open an application in \QC.
\li Open the Qt Quick UI form in the \uicontrol Design mode.
\li In the \uicontrol Library, select \uicontrol Imports >
\uicontrol {Add Import} > \uicontrol {QtQuick.Extras} to import the
\l {Qt Quick Extras} module.
\li Drag and drop a \uicontrol Picture element from the library to the
\li Right-click the picture element and select \uicontrol {Choose Icon}
to open the \uicontrol {ISO Icon Browser}.
\li To find icons, select a criterion for filtering icons and enter a
search string.
\li Select an icon in the list, and then select \uicontrol OK to add
the icon.
\li To view the icon you added, press \key {Ctrl+R} (or \key {Cmd+R})
to run the application.
\li To adjust the icon color, select the icon on the canvas, and then
select \uicontrol {Edit Color} in the context menu.
\QC generates a Qt resource file called \c iso-icons.qrc that adds the
icons as a part of your project for delivery with your application.
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\contentspage {Qt Creator Manual}
\previouspage quick-scalable-image.html
\page quick-screens.html
\nextpage creator-qtquick-designer-extensions.html
\nextpage qtquick-iso-icon-browser.html
\title Creating Screens
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