Commit 7ee1bc52 authored by Erik Verbruggen's avatar Erik Verbruggen
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Suppress 'unknown property' warning after finding an unknown type.

And made the warnings/errors translatable.
parent 9798dd75
......@@ -33,8 +33,20 @@
#include "qmljsevaluate.h"
#include "parser/qmljsast_p.h"
#include <QtGui/QApplication>
#include <QtCore/QDebug>
namespace QmlJS {
namespace Messages {
static const char *invalidPropertyName = QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("QmlJS::Check", "'%1' is not a valid property name");
static const char *unknownType = QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP("QmlJS::Check", "unknown type");
} // namespace Messages
static inline QString tr(const char *msg)
{ return qApp->translate("QmlJS::Check", msg); }
} // namespace QmlJS
using namespace QmlJS;
using namespace QmlJS::AST;
using namespace QmlJS::Interpreter;
......@@ -94,15 +106,15 @@ void Check::visitQmlObject(Node *ast, UiQualifiedId *typeId,
const bool oldAllowAnyProperty = _allowAnyProperty;
if (! _context.lookupType(, typeId)) {
warning(typeId->identifierToken, QLatin1String("unknown type"));
// ### don't give up!
warning(typeId->identifierToken, tr(Messages::unknownType));
_allowAnyProperty = true; // suppress subsequent "unknown property" errors
const ObjectValue *oldScopeObject = _context.qmlScopeObject();
const ObjectValue *oldExtraScope = _extraScope;
const bool oldAllowAnyProperty = _allowAnyProperty;
const ObjectValue *scopeObject = _doc->bind()->findQmlObject(ast);
......@@ -205,8 +217,7 @@ void Check::checkScopeObjectMember(const UiQualifiedId *id)
value = _extraScope->lookupMember(propertyName, &_context);
if (!value) {
QString("'%1' is not a valid property name").arg(propertyName));
// can't look up members for attached properties
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