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Qt Creator version 3.0 contains bug fixes and new features.
There is a total of about 1250 changes by 60 individual contributors.
The most important changes are listed in this document. For a complete
list of changes, see the Git log for the Qt Creator sources that
you can check out from the public Git repository. For example:
git clone git://
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline v2.8.1..origin/3.0
* Added -pluginpath command line argument for adding plugin search paths
* Fixed "All templates" entry in "New" dialog (QTCREATORBUG-9792)
* Added option to close all files when deleted files for open editors
are detected
* Fixed issues with splitting when editor is not splittable (QTCREATORBUG-6827)
* Added action for closing all editors except the visible ones (QTCREATORBUG-9893)
Managing and Building Projects
* Fixed exit code that is shown for applications that are run in terminal
* Added support for ANSI colors in compile and application output
* Added support for renaming auto-detected kits, Qt versions, compilers and debuggers
QMake Projects
* Fixed issues when using qtchooser (QTCREATORBUG-9841)
* Fixed issues with autosave files triggering reparses (QTCREATORBUG-9957)
* Fixed that run configurations were created for targets that are not built (QTCREATORBUG-9549)
CMake Projects
* Added parser for CMake build errors
* Fixed that build targets were not updated when CMakeLists.txt changes
* Added support for a CMakeDeployment.txt file that defines deployment rules
Qbs Projects
Generic Projects
* Fixed various pretty printers
* Fixed interrupting 32 bit processes from 64 bit Qt Creator builds
* Fixed various pretty printers
C++ Support
* Fixed finding usages of template classes and functions
* Fixed support for namespace aliases inside blocks and functions (QTCREATORBUG-166)
* Fixed support for class and enum definitions inside blocks and functions
* Added code completion support for lambda calls (QTCREATORBUG-9523)
* Added graceful handling of Objective-C's @try, @catch and @throw statements
* Fixed completion for templates with template parameters inside namespace
* Fixed handling of wide and UTF-n string literals
* Added option to explicitly choose a project for a file, and add preprocessor directives
specific to it (QTCREATORBUG-9802, QTCREATORBUG-1249)
* Fixed crash when resolving typedefs with templates (QTCREATORBUG-10320)
* Fixed crash when completing switch/case statement (QTCREATORBUG-10366)
* Fixed issues with showing type hierarchy (QTCREATORBUG-9819)
* Added "Optimize For Loop" refactoring action
* Added "Extract Constant as Function Parameter" refactoring action
* Added include hierarchy view in navigation side bar
* Added list of potential destinations when doing "Follow Symbol" on
virtual function calls (QTCREATORBUG-9611)
* Fixed "Follow Symbol" for operators (QTCREATORBUG-7485)
Python Support
GLSL Support
* Fixed crash (QTCREATORBUG-10166)
Diff Viewer
* Added button that switches between inline and side-by-side view
* Added syntax highlighting (QTCREATORBUG-9580)
Version Control Systems
* Fixed crash when reverting changes while commit editor is open (QTCREATORBUG-10190)
* Added VCS topic to window title
* Git
* Added information about files with conflict when doing "git stash pop"
* Added action for opening "git gui"
* Added support for removing and renaming tags
* Added support for setting remote tracking branch (QTCREATORBUG-8863)
* Added disambiguation of branch names (QTCREATORBUG-9700)
* Fixed updating of log view from branches dialog (QTCREATORBUG-9783)
* ClearCase
Platform Specific
Qt Support
* Added check for existence of debug token and show error message in that case (QTCREATORBUG-9103)
* Added error messages for incompatible devices to compile output (QTCREATORBUG-9690)
* Fixed browse button for OpenJDK location (QTCREATORBUG-9706)
* Fixed generated kit display name (QTCREATORBUG-9865)
* Fixed issues with Android virtual devices support
* Added support for minimum and target SDK settings
* Added target selector to manifest editor (QTCREATORBUG-9682)
* Improved the keystore and certificate dialog (QTCREATORBUG-10061)
* Made signing option independent of debug vs release builds (QTCREATORBUG-10060)
* Fixed signing with OpenJDK 7
* Added support for Qt 5.2 deployment mechanism
* Added editor for third-party libraries to deployment settings (QTCREATORBUG-9849)
Remote Linux
* Fixed ssh authentication for servers that don't allow non-interactive
password authentication (QTCREATORBUG-9568)
Bare Metal
* Added experimental support for devices with only a gdbserver/openocd
Credits for these changes go to:
Alexey Semenko
André Hartmann
André Pönitz
Andrew Knight
Aurindam Jana
BogDan Vatra
Carl Simonson
Christiaan Janssen
Christian Kamm
Christian Kandeler
Christian Stenger
Christian Strømme
Daniel Teske
David Kaspar
David McFarland
David Schulz
Eike Ziller
El Mehdi Fekari
Erik Verbruggen
Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt
Fawzi Mohamed
Francois Ferrand
Frank Osterfeld
Frantisek Vacek
Friedemann Kleint
Guido Seifert
Guillaume Belz
Gunnar Sletta
Jake Petroules
Jaroslaw Kobus
Jens Bache-Wiig
Jerome Pasion
Jörg Bornemann
Kai Köhne
Leena Miettinen
Lincoln Ramsay
Lorenz Haas
Marco Bubke
Martin Bohacek
Michal Klocek
Nicolas Arnaud-Cormos
Nikita Baryshnikov
Nikolai Kosjar
Oleksii Serdiuk
Orgad Shaneh
Oswald Buddenhagen
Paul Olav Tvete
Petar Perisin
Przemyslaw Gorszkowski
Radovan Zivkovic
Rafael Roquetto
Rainer Keller
Robert Löhning
Sergio Ahumada
Simon Hausmann
Takumi Asaki
Thiago Macieira
Thomas Hartmann
Thomas Zander
Tim Jenssen
Tim Sander
Tobias Hunger
Tobias Nätterlund
Viktor Ostashevskyi (Віктор Осташевський)
Volker Vogelhuber
Yuchen Deng
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