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Doc: using text editing macros

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\o \l{Using Qt Quick Toolbars}
\o \l{Searching With the Locator}
\o \l{Pasting and Fetching Code Snippets}
\o \l{Using Text Editing Macros}
\o \l{Configuring the Editor}
\o \l{Using FakeVim Mode}
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\contentspage index.html
\previouspage creator-editor-locator.html
\page creator-macros.html
\nextpage creator-editor-options.html
\title Using Text Editing Macros
When you have a file open in the code editor, you can record a keyboard
sequence as a macro. You can then play the macro to repeat the sequence.
You can save the latest macro and assign a keyboard shortcut for running
it or run it from the locator.
To record a text editing macro, select \gui {Tools > Macros > Record Macro}
or press \key {Alt+(}. To stop recording, select \gui {Tools > Macros >
Stop Recording Macro} or press \key {Alt+)}.
To play the last macro, select \gui {Tools > Macros > Play Last Macro} or
press \key {Alt+R}.
To save the last macro, select \gui {Tools > Macros > Save Last Macro}.
To assign a keyboard shortcut to a text editing macro, select \gui {Tools >
Options... > Environment > Keyboard}. For more information, see
\l{Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts}.
You can also use the \c rm locator filter to run a macro. For more
information, see \l{Searching With the Locator}.
To view and remove saved macros, select \gui {Tools > Options... > Text
Editor > Macros}.
\contentspage index.html
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in \gui Display.
\o Add, modify, and remove \l{Editing Code Snippets}{code snippets} in
\gui Snippets.
\o Edit \l{Recording and Playing Macros}{macros} in \gui Macros.
\o View and remove \l{Using Text Editing Macros}{text editing macros}
in \gui Macros.
\o Configure \l{Completing Code}{code completion} in \gui Completion.
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