Commit 80f8d3eb authored by dt's avatar dt
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ProjectExplorer: Fix compile on linux

parent 2639888a
...@@ -231,8 +231,10 @@ private slots: ...@@ -231,8 +231,10 @@ private slots:
void testGnuMakeParserTaskMangling_data(); void testGnuMakeParserTaskMangling_data();
void testGnuMakeParserTaskMangling(); void testGnuMakeParserTaskMangling();
#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
void testMsvcOutputParsers_data(); void testMsvcOutputParsers_data();
void testMsvcOutputParsers(); void testMsvcOutputParsers();
void testGccAbiGuessing_data(); void testGccAbiGuessing_data();
void testGccAbiGuessing(); void testGccAbiGuessing();
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