Commit 8140341f authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger
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VcsBase: Rename variable in basecheckoutwizardfactory

Change-Id: I386d37e62eebb0254bc20b5c55e9c55c04d1fe42
Reviewed-by: default avatarOrgad Shaneh <>
parent c10eb81a
...@@ -105,16 +105,17 @@ void BaseCheckoutWizardFactory::runWizard(const QString &path, QWidget *parent, ...@@ -105,16 +105,17 @@ void BaseCheckoutWizardFactory::runWizard(const QString &path, QWidget *parent,
Q_UNUSED(platform); Q_UNUSED(platform);
Q_UNUSED(extraValues); Q_UNUSED(extraValues);
// Create dialog and launch // Create dialog and launch
d->parameterPages = createParameterPages(path); d->parameterPages = createParameterPages(path);
BaseCheckoutWizard dialog(d->parameterPages, parent); BaseCheckoutWizard wizard(d->parameterPages, parent);
if (!d->progressTitle.isEmpty()) if (!d->progressTitle.isEmpty())
dialog.setTitle(d->progressTitle); wizard.setTitle(d->progressTitle);
if (!d->startedStatus.isEmpty()) if (!d->startedStatus.isEmpty())
dialog.setStartedStatus(d->startedStatus); wizard.setStartedStatus(d->startedStatus);
d->dialog = &dialog; d->dialog = &wizard;
connect(&dialog, SIGNAL(progressPageShown()), this, SLOT(slotProgressPageShown())); connect(&wizard, SIGNAL(progressPageShown()), this, SLOT(slotProgressPageShown()));
dialog.setWindowTitle(displayName()); wizard.setWindowTitle(displayName());
if (dialog.exec() != QDialog::Accepted) if (wizard.exec() != QDialog::Accepted)
return; return;
// Now try to find the project file and open // Now try to find the project file and open
const QString checkoutPath = d->checkoutPath; const QString checkoutPath = d->checkoutPath;
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