Commit 8182e921 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: fix breakpoint markers in constructors

parent f5c8389a
......@@ -2259,6 +2259,12 @@ void GdbEngine::extractDataFromInfoBreak(const QString &output, BreakpointData *
full = re.cap(3); // FIXME: wrong, but prevents recursion
// The variable full could still contain, say "foo.cpp" when we asked
// for "/full/path/to/foo.cpp". In this case, using the requested
// instead of the acknowledged name makes sense as it will allow setting
// the marker in more cases.
if (data->fileName.endsWith(full))
full = data->fileName;
data->markerLineNumber = data->bpLineNumber.toInt();
data->markerFileName = full;
data->bpFileName = full;
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