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Doc: Add section about QmlProfiler flame graph view

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JavaScript events are shown in the \uicontrol Statistics view only for applications
that use Qt Quick 2 and are compiled with Qt 5.3 or later.
\section2 Visualizing Statistics as Flame Graphs
The \uicontrol Flamegraph view shows a more concise statistical overview
of QML and JavaScript execution. The horizontal bars show the amount of
time all invocations of a certain function took together, relative to the
total runtime of all JavaScript and QML events. The nesting shows which
functions were called by which other ones. Mind that, unlike the
\uicontrol Timeline view, the \uicontrol Flamegraph view does not show the
time spans when no QML or JavaScript is running at all. Thus, it is not
suitable for analyzing per frame execution times. However, it is very easy
to see the total impact of the various QML and JavaScript events there.
\image qml-profiler-flamegraph.png "Flame Graph View"
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