Commit 82d5b012 authored by Fawzi Mohamed's avatar Fawzi Mohamed
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Revert "ios: disable run button while an application is running"

This reverts commit 96ecfb9e4a500837e048cf29a89fe52d31ec1db9

device changes at the moment do not trigger projectexplorer's slotUpdateRunActions so this reduces the usability if one starts out without device.

Change-Id: I9fc4ba14ce45d5000d0a8af5c06e0ca9b3080d86
Reviewed-by: default avatarFawzi Mohamed <>
parent 49b3e7a2
......@@ -157,26 +157,7 @@ bool IosRunControlFactory::canRun(RunConfiguration *runConfiguration,
if (mode != NormalRunMode && mode != DebugRunMode)
return false;
IosRunConfiguration *rc = qobject_cast<IosRunConfiguration *>(runConfiguration);
if (!rc)
return false;
IDevice::ConstPtr device = DeviceKitInformation::device(rc->target()->kit());
if (!device || device->deviceState() != IDevice::DeviceReadyToUse)
return false;
// The device can only run the same application once, any subsequent runs will
// not launch a second instance. Disable the Run button if the application is already
// running on the device.
if (m_activeRunControls.contains(device->id())) {
QPointer<ProjectExplorer::RunControl> activeRunControl = m_activeRunControls[device->id()];
if (activeRunControl &&>isRunning())
return false;
return rc;
return qobject_cast<IosRunConfiguration *>(runConfiguration);
RunControl *IosRunControlFactory::create(RunConfiguration *runConfig,
......@@ -185,15 +166,10 @@ RunControl *IosRunControlFactory::create(RunConfiguration *runConfig,
Q_ASSERT(canRun(runConfig, mode));
IosRunConfiguration *rc = qobject_cast<IosRunConfiguration *>(runConfig);
RunControl *res = 0;
if (mode == NormalRunMode)
res = new Ios::Internal::IosRunControl(rc);
return new Ios::Internal::IosRunControl(rc);
res = IosDebugSupport::createDebugRunControl(rc, errorMessage);
IDevice::ConstPtr device = DeviceKitInformation::device(rc->target()->kit());
if (device)
m_activeRunControls[device->id()] = res;
return res;
return IosDebugSupport::createDebugRunControl(rc, errorMessage);
} // namespace Internal
......@@ -83,8 +83,6 @@ public:
ProjectExplorer::RunControl *create(ProjectExplorer::RunConfiguration *runConfiguration,
ProjectExplorer::RunMode mode,
QString *errorMessage) QTC_OVERRIDE;
mutable QMap<Core::Id, QPointer<ProjectExplorer::RunControl> > m_activeRunControls;
} // namespace Internal
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