Commit 82e10eae authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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use once parsed pro file for both exact and cumulative evaluation

parent 704deac4
......@@ -1024,10 +1024,15 @@ void Qt4ProFileNode::setupReader()
bool Qt4ProFileNode::evaluate()
bool parserError = false;
if (!m_readerExact->readProFile(m_projectFilePath))
parserError = true;
if (!m_readerCumulative->readProFile(m_projectFilePath))
if (ProFile *pro = m_readerExact->parsedProFile(m_projectFilePath)) {
if (!m_readerExact->accept(pro))
parserError = true;
if (!m_readerCumulative->accept(pro))
parserError = true;
} else {
parserError = true;
return parserError;
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