Commit 833b86d5 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Fix that the cmake plugin did not allow removing build targets

parent 960716df
...@@ -132,9 +132,11 @@ void MakeStep::setBuildTarget(const QString &buildConfiguration, const QString & ...@@ -132,9 +132,11 @@ void MakeStep::setBuildTarget(const QString &buildConfiguration, const QString &
{ {
QStringList old = value(buildConfiguration, "buildTargets").toStringList(); QStringList old = value(buildConfiguration, "buildTargets").toStringList();
if (on && !old.contains(target)) if (on && !old.contains(target))
setValue(buildConfiguration, "buildTargets", old << target); old.append(target);
else if(!on && old.contains(target)) else if(!on && old.contains(target))
setValue(buildConfiguration, "buildTargets", old.removeOne(target)); old.removeOne(target);
setValue(buildConfiguration, "buildTargets", old);
} }
QStringList MakeStep::additionalArguments(const QString &buildConfiguration) const QStringList MakeStep::additionalArguments(const QString &buildConfiguration) const
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