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Doc: methods in current document locator filter

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......@@ -5805,8 +5805,10 @@
and .ui files
\o Class and method definitions in your project or anywhere referenced
from your project
\o Class and method definitions in the current document
\o Help topics, including Qt documentation
\o Specific line in the document displayed in your editor
To use a specific locator filter, type the assigned prefix followed by
......@@ -5849,6 +5851,10 @@
\o Go to a symbol definition.
\o \tt{\bold{: \e{Symbol name}}}
\o \image qtcreator-locator-symbols.png
\o Go to a symbol definition in the current file.
\o \tt{\bold{. \e{Symbol name}}}
\o \image qtcreator-locator-method-list.png
\o Go to a help topic.
\o \tt{\bold{? \e{Help topic}}}
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