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Remove obsolete documentation.

The v8 tab has been removed and QML_DISABLE_OPTIMIZER has been removed
from qtdeclarative a long time ago.

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\uicontrol {Copy Table} or \uicontrol {Copy Row} in the context menu.
JavaScript events are shown in the \uicontrol Events view only for applications
that use Qt Quick 2 and are compiled with Qt 5.3 or later. For applications
that use Qt Quick 2 and are built with Qt 5.0 or 5.1, you can view
information about JavaScript events in the separate \uicontrol V8 view.
\section2 Viewing More Data
The QML JavaScript engine optimizes trivial bindings. The QML Profiler
may not receive all information about optimized bindings, and therefore,
it may display the text \uicontrol {<bytecode>} and the message
\uicontrol {Source code not available} in the \uicontrol Callers and \uicontrol {Callees}
To inspect the optimized bindings, turn off the QML optimizer by setting
the environment variable QML_DISABLE_OPTIMIZER to 1. To set the environment
variable for the current project in the project settings:
\list 1
\li Select \uicontrol {Projects > Run}.
\li In \uicontrol {Run Environment}, click \uicontrol Add.
\li Add the QML_DISABLE_OPTIMIZER variable and set its value to 1.
that use Qt Quick 2 and are compiled with Qt 5.3 or later.
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