Commit 853b16cc authored by Bill King's avatar Bill King
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Tests: cleanup output so that it appears inline with associated test.

parent 1af85cbe
......@@ -41,8 +41,31 @@ public:
TranslationUnit *parseStatement(const QByteArray &source)
{ return parse(source, TranslationUnit::ParseStatement); }
class Diagnostic: public DiagnosticClient {
int errorCount;
: errorCount(0)
{ }
virtual void report(int /*level*/,
const StringLiteral *fileName,
unsigned line, unsigned column,
const char *format, va_list ap)
qDebug() << fileName->chars()<<':'<<line<<':'<<column<<' '<<QString().vsprintf(format, ap);
Diagnostic diag;
private slots:
void initTestCase();
// declarations
void gcc_attributes_1();
......@@ -1091,5 +1114,10 @@ void tst_AST::q_enum_1()
QCOMPARE(unit->spell(e->identifier_token), "e");
void tst_AST::initTestCase()
#include "tst_ast.moc"
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