Commit 85628119 authored by Thomas Hartmann's avatar Thomas Hartmann Committed by Marco Bubke
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QmlDesigner.formEditor: crash fix

I had a crash here, because the qmlItemNode was invalid.

Change-Id: Ib6d8bbde7acf7e5f6a0fb56bf496c41df29f7142

Reviewed-by: default avatarQt Sanity Bot <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMarco Bubke <>
parent 58504e21
......@@ -108,6 +108,7 @@ bool AbstractFormEditorTool::topSelectedItemIsMovable(const QList<QGraphicsItem*
foreach (QGraphicsItem *item, itemList) {
FormEditorItem *formEditorItem = FormEditorItem::fromQGraphicsItem(item);
if (formEditorItem
&& formEditorItem->qmlItemNode().isValid()
&& formEditorItem->qmlItemNode().instanceIsMovable()
&& !formEditorItem->qmlItemNode().instanceIsInPositioner()
&& selectedNodes.contains(formEditorItem->qmlItemNode()))
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