Commit 85f1a031 authored by Robert Loehning's avatar Robert Loehning
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Squish: Simplify runAndCloseApp()

- remove one signal handler
- make one variable local

Change-Id: Idff589c243cbd324b1b37478d77f28446d23490b
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 4e765732
......@@ -30,13 +30,8 @@
import __builtin__
import re
processStarted = False
processExited = False
def __handleProcessStarted__(*args):
global processStarted
processStarted = True
def __handleProcessExited__(*args):
global processExited
processExited = True
......@@ -388,6 +383,16 @@ def __chooseTargets__(targets=Targets.DESKTOP_474_GCC, availableTargets=None):
test.warning("Target '%s' is not set up correctly." % Targets.getStringForTarget(current))
return checkedTargets
def waitForProcessStarted():
outputButton = waitForObject(":Qt Creator_AppOutput_Core::Internal::OutputPaneToggleButton")
if not waitFor("outputButton.checked", 10000):
waitFor("object.exists(':Qt Creator.ReRun_QToolButton')", 20000)
reRunButton = findObject(":Qt Creator.ReRun_QToolButton")
waitFor("object.exists(':Qt Creator.Stop_QToolButton')", 20000)
stopButton = findObject(":Qt Creator.Stop_QToolButton")
return waitFor("not reRunButton.enabled and stopButton.enabled", 10000)
# run and close an application
# withHookInto - if set to True the function tries to attach to the sub-process instead of simply pressing Stop inside Creator
# executable - must be defined when using hook-into
......@@ -399,22 +404,21 @@ def __chooseTargets__(targets=Targets.DESKTOP_474_GCC, availableTargets=None):
# by yourself (or use the function parameter)
# ATTENTION! Make sure this function won't fail and the sub-process will end when the function returns
def runAndCloseApp(withHookInto=False, executable=None, port=None, function=None, sType=None, userDefinedType=None):
global processStarted, processExited
processStarted = processExited = False
global processExited
processExited = False
installLazySignalHandler("{type='QProcess'}", "started()", "__handleProcessStarted__")
installLazySignalHandler("{type='QProcess'}", "finished(int,QProcess::ExitStatus)", "__handleProcessExited__")
runButton = waitForObject(":*Qt Creator.Run_Core::Internal::FancyToolButton")
if sType != SubprocessType.QT_QUICK_UI:
waitForSignal("{type='ProjectExplorer::BuildManager' unnamed='1'}", "buildQueueFinished(bool)", 300000)
buildSucceeded = checkLastBuild()
ensureChecked(waitForObject(":Qt Creator_AppOutput_Core::Internal::OutputPaneToggleButton"))
if not buildSucceeded:
test.fatal("Build inside run wasn't successful - leaving test")
invokeMenuItem("File", "Exit")
return False
waitFor("processStarted==True", 10000)
if not processStarted:
if not waitForProcessStarted():
test.fatal("Couldn't start application - leaving test")
invokeMenuItem("File", "Exit")
return False
......@@ -489,11 +493,9 @@ def __closeSubprocessByHookingInto__(executable, port, function, sType, userDefT
"unnamed='1' visible='1'} type='QComboBox' unnamed='1' "
"visible='1'}"), selectConfig)
global processStarted
processStarted = False
runButton = waitForObject(":*Qt Creator.Run_Core::Internal::FancyToolButton")
if not waitFor("processStarted == True", 10000):
if not waitForProcessStarted():
test.fatal("Something seems to be really wrong.", "Application output:"
% str(output.plainText))
return False
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