Commit 86567e68 authored by Robert Loehning's avatar Robert Loehning
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Showing display names of usable build configs if run config doesn't


Reviewed-by: con
parent 714a027a
......@@ -2166,7 +2166,7 @@ BuildConfigDialog::BuildConfigDialog(Project *project, QWidget *parent)
QSharedPointer<RunConfiguration> activeRun = m_project->activeRunConfiguration();
foreach (BuildConfiguration *config, m_project->buildConfigurations()) {
if (activeRun->isEnabled(config)) {
m_configCombo->addItem(config->name(), qVariantFromValue(config));
m_configCombo->addItem(config->displayName(), qVariantFromValue(config));
if (m_configCombo->count() == 0) {
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