Commit 866ab744 authored by goro's avatar goro
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No longer touch .debug files

parent 8d932e2a
......@@ -104,16 +104,13 @@ inst() {
fix_rpath bin '*' '$ORIGIN/../lib'
# Fix files lib/*.so
fix_rpath lib '*.so.?.?.?' '$ORIGIN'
fix_rpath lib '*.so.?.?.?.debug' '$ORIGIN'
# Fix files examples/tools/*/*/*.so
fix_rpath examples/tools '*.so' '$ORIGIN/../../../lib'
fix_rpath examples/tools '*.so.debug' '$ORIGIN/../../../lib'
# Fix files plugins/*/*.so
fix_rpath plugins '*.so' '$ORIGIN/../../lib'
fix_rpath plugins '*.so.debug' '$ORIGIN/../../lib'
ret=$?; [ ${ret} = 0 ] || exit ${ret}
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