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Doc: remove excessive links to the same page

The Glossary was linked to three times from the
Building and Running topic.

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......@@ -43,15 +43,14 @@
\e {Build configurations} contain everything you need to compile
the sources into binaries. Build configurations use the tools and settings
defined in their corresponding \l{glossary-buildandrun-kit}{kit}.
defined in their corresponding kit.
\li \l{Running on Multiple Platforms}
\e {Run configurations} start the application in the location
where it was copied by the \e{deploy configuration}. By default,
when you select the \gui Run function, \QC builds the project,
deploys it to the device defined in the \l{glossary-buildandrun-kit}{kit},
and runs it there. However,
deploys it to the device defined in the kit, and runs it there. However,
if you have not made any changes to the project since you last
built and deployed it, \QC simply runs it again.
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