Commit 86fc5fee authored by Christian Kandeler's avatar Christian Kandeler
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Maemo: Don't assume a remote Linux has package management ...

... in the config test dialog.
parent 9ccca96b
......@@ -270,10 +270,19 @@ QString MaemoConfigTestDialog::parseTestOutput()
return output;
const bool osUsesRpm = MaemoGlobal::packagingSystem(m_config->osVersion()) == MaemoGlobal::Rpm;
const QRegExp packagePattern(QLatin1String(osUsesRpm
? "(libqt\\S+) ((\\d+)\\.(\\d+)\\.(\\d+))"
: "(\\S+) (\\S*(\\d+)\\.(\\d+)\\.(\\d+)\\S*) \\S+ \\S+ \\S+"));
QString patternString;
switch (MaemoGlobal::packagingSystem(m_config->osVersion())) {
case MaemoGlobal::Rpm:
patternString = QLatin1String("(libqt\\S+) ((\\d+)\\.(\\d+)\\.(\\d+))");
case MaemoGlobal::Dpkg:
patternString = QLatin1String("(\\S+) (\\S*(\\d+)\\.(\\d+)\\.(\\d+)\\S*) \\S+ \\S+ \\S+");
return output;
const QRegExp packagePattern(patternString);
index = packagePattern.indexIn(m_deviceTestOutput);
if (index == -1) {
output.append(tr("No Qt packages installed."));
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