Commit 878e38a2 authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger
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Use shadowbuilding information from Qt versions

parent c5b5127b
......@@ -285,10 +285,12 @@ TargetSetupPage::importInfosForKnownQtVersions(Qt4ProjectManager::Qt4Project *pr
validVersions.append(vm->versions().at(0)); // there is always one!
foreach (QtVersion *v, validVersions) {
ImportInfo info;
// ToDo: Check whether shadowbuilding is possible and use sourcedir if not:
// This needs a shadowbuilding patch to land
if (project) = project->defaultTopLevelBuildDirectory();
if (project) {
if (v->supportsShadowBuilds()) = project->defaultTopLevelBuildDirectory();
else = project->projectDirectory();
info.isExistingBuild = false;
info.isTemporary = false;
info.version = v;
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