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ChangeLog: Update recent VCS fixes

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* Fixed reloading patch files (QTCREATORBUG-13241) * Fixed reloading patch files (QTCREATORBUG-13241)
Version Control Systems Version Control Systems
* Removed support for Gitorious
* Fixed commit editor line wrapping for lines that end with a dash * Fixed commit editor line wrapping for lines that end with a dash
* Git
* Removed support for Gitorious
* Subversion
* Dropped support for Subversion versions earlier than 1.7.0
* Fixed deleting of files that were added but not committed
* Fixed detection of .svn directory when opening a file in the
root directory of the repository (QTCREATORBUG-7763)
* Added support for describing the first commit
* Added support for topic display (shows current revision number
in the window title and next to the project node)
* Fixed that commit output was not displayed (QTCREATORBUG-12929)
* Fixed false positive matches for revision number (QTCREATORBUG-11845)
* Added support for trusting server certificate on checkout (QTCREATORBUG-3753)
* Mercurial
* Fixed that describe commit showed its summary but not the full message
* Fixed highlighting of commit message
* Fixed wrong comment notation in commit editor - comment line prefix was
changed to "HG:" instead of "#"
FakeVim FakeVim
* Fixed issues with Save As * Fixed issues with Save As
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