Commit 8858e47d authored by Joerg Bornemann's avatar Joerg Bornemann
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speed up of cdb debugging helper initialization

The symbols in gdbhelpers.dll are never namespaced.
Thus we don't have to resolve the symbols - we already know their names.
The resolution took 5 seconds per symbol on my machine.
parent 1730141f
......@@ -435,10 +435,19 @@ static inline bool getSymbolAddress(CIDebugSymbols *sg,
bool CdbDumperHelper::initResolveSymbols(QString *errorMessage)
// Resolve the symbols we need (potentially namespaced).
// Resolve the symbols we need.
// There is a 'qDumpInBuffer' in QtCore as well.
if (loadDebug)
qDebug() << Q_FUNC_INFO;
#if 1
// Symbols in the debugging helpers are never namespaced.
// Keeping the old code for now. ### maybe use as fallback?
const QString dumperModuleName = QLatin1String(dumperModuleNameC);
m_dumpObjectSymbol = dumperModuleName + QLatin1String("!qDumpObjectData440");
QString inBufferSymbol = dumperModuleName + QLatin1String("!qDumpInBuffer");
QString outBufferSymbol = dumperModuleName + QLatin1String("!qDumpOutBuffer");
bool rc;
m_dumpObjectSymbol = QLatin1String("*qDumpObjectData440");
QString inBufferSymbol = QLatin1String("*qDumpInBuffer");
QString outBufferSymbol = QLatin1String("*qDumpOutBuffer");
......@@ -448,6 +457,7 @@ bool CdbDumperHelper::initResolveSymbols(QString *errorMessage)
&& resolveSymbol(m_coreEngine->interfaces().debugSymbols, dumperModuleName, &outBufferSymbol, errorMessage) == ResolveSymbolOk;
if (!rc)
return false;
// Determine buffer addresses, sizes and alloc buffer
rc = getSymbolAddress(m_coreEngine->interfaces().debugSymbols, inBufferSymbol, &m_inBufferAddress, &m_inBufferSize, errorMessage)
&& getSymbolAddress(m_coreEngine->interfaces().debugSymbols, outBufferSymbol, &m_outBufferAddress, &m_outBufferSize, errorMessage);
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