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Removed deprecated PrettyPrinter. We need a way to generate the pretty printer from the C++ parser.

parent 97c6671e
......@@ -43,8 +43,8 @@
#include <Control.h>
#include <CoreTypes.h>
#include <Literals.h>
#include <PrettyPrinter.h>
#include <Semantic.h>
#include <ASTVisitor.h>
#include <SymbolVisitor.h>
#include <TranslationUnit.h>
#include <cplusplus/ExpressionUnderCursor.h>
......@@ -705,34 +705,6 @@ void CPPEditor::onDocumentUpdated(Document::Ptr doc)
void CPPEditor::reformatDocument()
using namespace CPlusPlus;
QByteArray source = toPlainText().toUtf8();
Control control;
StringLiteral *fileId = control.findOrInsertStringLiteral("<file>");
TranslationUnit unit(&control, fileId);
unit.setSource(source.constData(), source.length());
if (! unit.ast())
std::ostringstream s;
TranslationUnitAST *ast = unit.ast()->asTranslationUnit();
PrettyPrinter pp(&control, s);
pp(ast, source);
const std::string str = s.str();
QTextCursor c = textCursor();
c.movePosition(QTextCursor::End, QTextCursor::KeepAnchor);
c.insertText(QString::fromUtf8(str.c_str(), str.length()));
CPlusPlus::Symbol *CPPEditor::findCanonicalSymbol(const QTextCursor &cursor,
Document::Ptr doc,
const Snapshot &snapshot) const
......@@ -225,7 +225,6 @@ private Q_SLOTS:
void updateUses();
void updateUsesNow();
void onDocumentUpdated(CPlusPlus::Document::Ptr doc);
void reformatDocument();
void onContentsChanged(int position, int charsRemoved, int charsAdded);
void semanticRehighlight();
......@@ -70,7 +70,6 @@
#include <NameVisitor.h>
#include <TypeVisitor.h>
#include <ASTVisitor.h>
#include <PrettyPrinter.h>
#include <Lexer.h>
#include <Token.h>
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** This file is part of Qt Creator
** Copyright (c) 2009 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
** Contact: Nokia Corporation (
** Commercial Usage
** Licensees holding valid Qt Commercial licenses may use this file in
** accordance with the Qt Commercial License Agreement provided with the
** Software or, alternatively, in accordance with the terms contained in
** a written agreement between you and Nokia.
** GNU Lesser General Public License Usage
** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Lesser
** General Public License version 2.1 as published by the Free Software
** Foundation and appearing in the file LICENSE.LGPL included in the
** packaging of this file. Please review the following information to
** ensure the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 requirements
** will be met:
** If you are unsure which license is appropriate for your use, please
** contact the sales department at
#include "CPlusPlusForwardDeclarations.h"
#include "ASTVisitor.h"
#include <iosfwd>
#include <QByteArray>
class CPLUSPLUS_EXPORT PrettyPrinter: protected ASTVisitor
PrettyPrinter(Control *control, std::ostream &out);
void operator()(AST *ast, const QByteArray &contents);
virtual bool visit(AccessDeclarationAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ArrayAccessAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ArrayDeclaratorAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ArrayInitializerAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(AsmDefinitionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(AttributeSpecifierAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(AttributeAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(BaseSpecifierAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(BinaryExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(BoolLiteralAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(BreakStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(CallAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(CaseStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(CastExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(CatchClauseAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ClassSpecifierAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(CompoundLiteralAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(CompoundStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ConditionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ConditionalExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ContinueStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ConversionFunctionIdAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(CppCastExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(CtorInitializerAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(DeclaratorAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(DeclarationStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(DeclaratorIdAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(DeclaratorListAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(DeleteExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(DestructorNameAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(DoStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ElaboratedTypeSpecifierAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(EmptyDeclarationAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(EnumSpecifierAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(EnumeratorAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ExceptionDeclarationAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ExceptionSpecificationAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ExpressionListAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ExpressionOrDeclarationStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ExpressionStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ForStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(FunctionDeclaratorAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(FunctionDefinitionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(GotoStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(IfStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(LabeledStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(LinkageBodyAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(LinkageSpecificationAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(MemInitializerAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(MemberAccessAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(NamedTypeSpecifierAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(NamespaceAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(NamespaceAliasDefinitionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(NestedDeclaratorAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(NestedExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(NestedNameSpecifierAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(NewArrayDeclaratorAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(NewPlacementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(NewExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(NewInitializerAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(NewTypeIdAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(NumericLiteralAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(OperatorAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(OperatorFunctionIdAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ParameterDeclarationAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ParameterDeclarationClauseAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(PointerAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(PointerToMemberAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(PostIncrDecrAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(PostfixExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(QualifiedNameAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ReferenceAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ReturnStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(SimpleDeclarationAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(SimpleNameAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(SimpleSpecifierAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(SizeofExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(StringLiteralAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(SwitchStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(TemplateArgumentListAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(TemplateDeclarationAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(TemplateIdAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(TemplateTypeParameterAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ThisExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(ThrowExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(TranslationUnitAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(TryBlockStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(TypeConstructorCallAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(TypeIdAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(TypeidExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(TypeofSpecifierAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(TypenameCallExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(TypenameTypeParameterAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(UnaryExpressionAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(UsingAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(UsingDirectiveAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(WhileStatementAST *ast);
virtual bool visit(QtMethodAST *ast);
void indent();
void deindent();
void newline();
void outToken(unsigned token);
std::ostream &_out;
unsigned _depth;
unsigned _lastToken;
QByteArray _contents;
......@@ -36,7 +36,6 @@ HEADERS += \
$$PWD/TranslationUnit.h \
$$PWD/Type.h \
$$PWD/TypeVisitor.h \
$$PWD/PrettyPrinter.h \
......@@ -75,6 +74,6 @@ SOURCES += \
$$PWD/Token.cpp \
$$PWD/TranslationUnit.cpp \
$$PWD/Type.cpp \
$$PWD/TypeVisitor.cpp \
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