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Doc - Remove prerequisities so as not to discourage users from trying this.

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\title Creating a Qt C++ Application
\note This tutorial assumes that you have experience in writing basic Qt
applications, using \QD to design user interfaces and using the Qt
Resource System.
This tutorial describes how to use Qt Creator
to create a small Qt application, Text Finder. It is a simplified version of the
QtUiTools \l{}{Text Finder}
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\image qtcreator-textfinder-screenshot.png
\section1 Setting Up Your Environment
Qt Creator automatically detects whether the location of Qt is in your \c PATH variable.
If you have installed several Qt versions, follow the
instructions in \l{Selecting the Qt version} to set the Qt path.
\section1 Creating the Text Finder Project
\note Create the project with the \gui{Help} mode active so that you can follow
\note Create the project with two instances of Qt Creator open and the \gui{Help} mode
active in one of them so that you can follow
these instructions while you work.
\list 1
\o Select \gui{File > New File or Project > Qt Application Project > Qt Gui
\o Select \gui{File > New File or Project > Qt C++ Project > Qt Gui
Application > Choose}.
\image qtcreator-new-project.png "New File or Project dialog"
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