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Doc - Adding supporting screenshots to aid users in the tutorial

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\o \c{} - the project file.
Now that we have all the files we need, let's move on to designing the user
Now that we have all the files we need, click \gui Finish so can start
designing the user interface.
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\section1 Placing Widgets on The Form
In the \gui{Project Sidebar}, double-click on the \c{addressbook.ui} file.
\image addressbook-tutorial-part1-creator-screenshot.png
In the \gui{Projects} sidebar, double-click on the \c{addressbook.ui} file.
The \QD plugin will be launched, allowing you to design your program's user
\image addressbook-tutorial-part1-designer-screenshot.png
We require two \l{QLabel}s to label the input fields as well as a QLineEdit
and a QTextEdit for the input fields. So, drag those widgets from the
\gui{Widget Box} to your form. In the \gui{Property Editor}, set their
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