Commit 89513947 authored by Ulf Hermann's avatar Ulf Hermann

Debugger: Don't reselect a perspective if it is already active

Selecting the same perspective again will not result in any visual
changes, but repaint the whole window. This is unnecessary overhead.

Change-Id: If41464ea023b2085482d5ab547cd9eeb91ce047f
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 3332d423
......@@ -3604,6 +3604,9 @@ void registerPerspective(const QByteArray &perspectiveId, const Perspective *per
void selectPerspective(const QByteArray &perspectiveId)
if (dd->m_mainWindow->currentPerspective() == perspectiveId)
// FIXME: Work-around aslong as the GammaRay integration does not use the same setup,
if (perspectiveId.isEmpty())
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