Commit 8999b35f authored by Thorbjørn Lindeijer's avatar Thorbjørn Lindeijer
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Only escape the code tooltip when it is used as rich text

Since the fix in 01a0ec16, sometimes
& would turn up in the tooltips due to them being escaped but not
interpreted as HTML.
parent c4dbe953
......@@ -413,21 +413,17 @@ void CppHoverHandler::updateHelpIdAndTooltip(TextEditor::ITextEditor *editor, in
if (!formatTooltip.isEmpty()) {
if (!formatTooltip.isEmpty())
m_toolTip = formatTooltip;
if (!m_toolTip.isEmpty())
m_toolTip = Qt::escape(m_toolTip);
if (!m_helpId.isEmpty() && !helpLinks.isEmpty()) {
if (showF1) {
m_toolTip = QString(QLatin1String("<table><tr><td valign=middle><nobr>%1</td>"
"<td><img src=\":/cppeditor/images/f1.png\"></td></tr></table>"))
} else if (!m_toolTip.isEmpty() && Qt::mightBeRichText(m_toolTip)) {
m_toolTip = QString(QLatin1String("<nobr>%1")).arg(m_toolTip);
m_toolTip = QString(QLatin1String("<nobr>%1")).arg(Qt::escape(m_toolTip));
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