Commit 8cd68b3b authored by Christian Kamm's avatar Christian Kamm Committed by con
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QmlJS: Fix completion for 'anchors.' and similar properties.

The detection of whether a type or one of its children is exported was
broken when we fixed the type information for the QtQuick module.

Reviewed-by: Erik Verbruggen
parent 2be41c40
......@@ -933,7 +933,8 @@ bool QmlObjectValue::hasChildInPackage() const
while (it.hasNext()) {;
const FakeMetaObject *other = it.value()->_metaObject;
if (other->exports().isEmpty())
// if it has only the default no-package export, it is not really exported
if (other->exports().size() <= 1)
for (const FakeMetaObject *iter = other; iter; iter = iter->superClass()) {
if (iter == _metaObject) // this object is a parent of other
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